Travel Insurance in Kansas City
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Protected When You Travel

Outside the United States

International Coverage

Most individual plans and employer-sponsored plans have little to no international coverage

Travel Insurance can provide protection from financial risk from a medical claim abroad.

Additional Benefits of Travel Insurance

  • Lost Luggage Is Covered on Some Plans
  • Getting Home Due To A Medical Emergency is Frequently Covered
  • The Cost of Trip Delays Can Be Eliminated
  • Trip Cancellation Coverage Can Be Added At An Additional Cost
  • Sports & Hazardous Activities Can Even Be Covered
  • Inexpensive Travel Insurance with Benefits

Meeting Schengen Countries’ Requirements

Travel to 26 European Countries Requires Certain Features

We Have Plans That Fulfill The Below Requirements

Insurance company providing coverage must have offices located in Europe

Plan must have at least $50,000 of Medical Emergency/Hospitalization Coverage

Plan must have at least $300,000 of Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage

Plan must have $0 Deductible

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